A Gout Diet Overview

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Gout is an extremely painful type of arthritis caused by deposits of uric acid in joints and soft tissue.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Gout Remedies that Don’t Usually Help

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When it comes to finding the proper treatment protocol for painful gout symptoms, talking with your doctor is essential. Although several internet sites suggest that this disease can be relieved with simple at home remedies, the likelihood of most of these treatments alone being realistically able to cure or improve this illness is very slight.

Can You Prevent High Uric Acid and Gout?

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Can you prevent high uric acid and gout? The short answer is mostly yes. While you may not be able to completely prevent it, there are treatment options, including lifestyle changes and medications that can help keep uric acid levels within a healthy range.

The Top 10 Gout Foods to Avoid

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Gout, an extremely painful form of arthritis, can be made worse by the foods you eat. If you have this disease, your doctor will probably recommend you avoid certain foods, especially those high in purines.