Discover What Causes Headaches

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That headache you’re suffering can be a real pain in the neck…literally. Headaches are defined as a pain in the head or neck. But before you run to the medicine cabinet for an aspirin, you need to know what causes your headaches—especially if your headaches are a regular occurrence or you’ve recently suffered some physical trauma.

What Is a Migraine?

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Most headaches are considered to be primary headaches, meaning that they are not symptomatic of an underlying medical disorder. While tension is the main cause of these headaches, some 36 million Americans suffer from primary headaches of a different breed—migraines.1

Headache and Dizziness: How Concerned Should You Be?

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Headaches and dizziness often go hand in hand. It’s a potentially debilitating one-two punch that can restrict your productivity. Many migraine sufferers also experience the symptoms of mild to moderate dizziness and vertigo—many of who have migraines with aura.

Common Ways to Trigger Symptoms of Migraines

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The symptoms of migraines are all too familiar to those who suffer from them. You might see flashes of light and/or feel pins and needles that foreshadow the attack. These are followed by a throbbing headache, light sensitivity, nausea, fainting and more.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Numbness and Hemiplegic Migraines

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After the birth of her twins, Tracey Wilson was paralyzed on her left side and had difficulty speaking. Doctors told her she had had a stroke, and she would recover. The problem, however, endured for over two years. Finally, she was diagnosed correctly with a hemiplegic migraine — an extreme form called “status migrainous,” which lasts around the clock.1

Can Hormones Be the Cause of Headaches?

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‘Hormone’ comes from a Greek word that means to impel or set in motion. And that’s exactly what hormones do. They make things happen, controlling many of the body’s functions. For example, your hormones will enable your body to take your breakfast bowl of cereal and turn it into energy.

7 Types of Headaches

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The next time your head hurts…and before you rush to the medicine cabinet for relief…STOP. Take time to assess your pain and figure out what type of headache you have. The reason is this: all headaches are not alike.

Why Do People Get Migraines?

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Why do people get migraines? If you’re a migraine sufferer, that’s a question you’ve probably asked. It’s also a question doctors and researchers have posed for years. And they’ve floated many theories.